Hi folks, 

We'd love you to take some time to fill out some information so we can plan the lead up to your wedding and ensure you get as much out of us as you'd like on the day.  If there are things not yet confirmed that's ok...we just ask that we get this back within a fortnight of your big day. 

See you soon!

Dave & Fran


Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name
In case we need to contact you on the day...
Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name
Please provide any special instructions/details if it's somewhere that might be tricky to find...
Would there be space for Fran to travel to the ceremony with the bridal party?
This just helps us plan travel as well as get photographs of the bride right up until leaving.
Where would you prefer Dave to meet the Groom?
Perhaps somewhere particularly scenic, fun or meaningful. (These will include photographs of the bridal party and groomsmen.)
Again, please provide extra info in case it's not somewhere immediately obvious...
Speeches before or after dinner?
If the speeches are after the meal, we would really appreciate it if a meal could be organised for us while the guests are eating (though please don't worry about formally seating us). Thank you!
These can be fun but we recommend keeping this list to around 5 or 6 different groups, otherwise it becomes a bit time consuming and complicated! Examples include: Bride & Groom with Bride's parents, extended family, specific social group. (You don't need to list bridesmaids/groomsmen here as we include these in other shots!)
For example surprises on the day, special guests, particular things or events you'd like photographed, sensitive family situations?